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Thur August 5,  7pm / on Zoom

Earth Light Transmission

A Message from the Whales

With Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Tibetan Bowls, Chanting & Flutes

The Earth cries to her children, calling us all to take heed.

The rivers they are dying, the air we cannot breathe.

Who do we think we are fooling? What is the cost of our greed?

Listen, in your heart, to the Call of the Earth:

The song of the whales, the voice of the trees.

“Remember, Remember”:  we need to take heed.

The Whales are ancient Earth beings who struggle to survive in our toxic oceans to bring their high-vibration message of light and awakening to fellow Earthlings: the humans. The songs of the whales are haunting and mystical. They can activate our primordial memory – helping us remember our connection with the Earth and all her beings.

In this session Paul will play – and play with – songs of the whales so we can receive their transmission. He will also channel a message from the whales and the Earth Spirit Keepers – an ancient spirit council of Earth beings -- of which the whales are part.

Tickets - $13.13

Transmission will be broadcasted live on Zoom - Call info will be sent upon registration

Space is also available to attend live & in person in the Yoga Barn at Double Rainbow Ranch. Please contact RadianceMatrix@gmail.com to let us know you will be coming if you intend to join us in-person. Yoga Mats & Blankets to sit on recommended for those who join us to live.

“It was a profoundly beautiful concert. Paul is incredibly gifted. His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.” ~ Ad Sach Kaur, Colorado Springs

"I was transported to mystic realms.” ~ John Meade, Santa Fe, NM

“Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound. RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.” ~ Melissa, Boulder, CO


Friday August 13, 2021   7 pm – 8:30 (Gate 6:45)        Sunset Meditation Concert:
  - Live Music in Nature

With Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Tibetan Bowls, Chanting & Flutes

Double Rainbow Ranch, 6541 N63rd St, 80503

Rest on the Earth during a beautiful mountain sunset

lulled into bliss by gentle, healing, meditative music.

 Peaceful. Penetrating. Pure. These words have been used to describe the music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix, who has toured internationally, offering these transmissions of peace to help people remember their luminous essence. His album RADIANCE MIXES, featuring the voice of Deva Premal, went to #5 on iTunes World Music chart.

“Beautiful Music, Sacred Space”    ~Deva Premal & Miten

You are invited to dissolve into another dimension – the pure land, the timeless Buddha field. Immerse yourself in the warm spaciousness of Tibetan Bowls that calm the nervous system, still the mind and connect us with the sacred sound current.

 The gathering is a cross between a concert, a meditation and a journey into the mystic.  Paul weaves an eclectic musical mix of tuned healing bowls, haunting flutes, Sanskrit mantras, Tibetan throat singing and dream-like songs, dabbed with classical touches of Bach and Debussy.   www.RadianceMatrix.com  

 “It was a profoundly beautiful concert. Paul is incredibly gifted. His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.”  

                                                   ~ Ad Sach Kaur, Colorado Springs

 "I was transported to mystic realms.” 

   ~ John Meade, Santa Fe, NM                           


“Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound. RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.”  
                                      ~ Melissa, Boulder, CO

  • Bring chair or blanket to sit on grass
  • Wear clothes for evening mosquitoes (Bug spray onsite)
  • Weather dependent. We will cancel if it weather requires and refund all tickets.
  • No pets please

Gate Opens: 6:45 pm /  Advance tickets recommended. We have sold out in the past and will close the gate if we reach capacity. Please do NOT park on the road if the gate is closed.

TICKETS: $15 advance / $20 Gate

Double Rainbow Ranch, 6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, CO  80503


Saturday August 21, 2021   7:30 pm – 11pm    
Double Rainbow Ranch
Come dance to the rhythms of the Earth, Moon and Stars!!!

8 pm:  Makaysha Rain – Acoustic set

 9 pm:  BUDDHA BOMB – Tribal Ecstasy

 -      Dancing around the fire (if no fire ban)
-      Full Moon Alignment & Shanti Dedication Dance
-      BYOW (Bring your own whatever) & snacks to share
-      Fire dancers welcome!   

We dance our prayers of bliss and sorrow,
Dancing like there is no tomorrow.
We chant for peace, we chant for love,
As we dance to the songs of the stars above.
Like the ancestors of Earth and Sky
We chant and dance to unify
To align our hearts and minds and souls
With the cosmic dance as life unfolds.
Be the dance you want to see!
Come dance with us and Beauty BE!

 Tickets:  $15: https://tribalfest821.eventbrite.com

6541 N63rd St, Niwot, CO 80503   

 -      ADVANCED TICKETS RECOMMENDED!!  We have limited capacity and will close the gate if we fill up. It may be best to not travel from afar and find you can’t get in.

If the gate is closed, do NOT park on the road.

 -      Please do not bring pets                             

-      It will be OUTDOORS ONLY!  If the weather is inclement we will cancel and refund all tickets.


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Namaste,  Paul & Kerry